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Who is Optimal Health Coaching for?


Optimal Health Coaching is for those who WANT TO:

  • Exercise and enjoy their daily life without aches and pains.
  • Improve their health and fitness without causing further injury to the body.
  • Exercise properly, regularly, and consistently, long term.
  • Move and eat in a way that supports your vitality
  • Build strength and fitness- feel awesome in your own skin!
  • Discover inner accountability and motivation to mastering a long term health journey
  • Stop relying on the scale to stay motivated.
  • Learn about posture, corrective exercise, and movement based exercise.
  • Want to live a long mobile life, disease free.
  • Be educated on how their body works, and how to make it work optimally!
  • Want to be the STRONGEST, FITTEST, HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST version of themselves. 
  • Want to have a challenging workout on a weekly basis! 


What makes Optimal Health Coaching different?


-  There is no screaming, yelling or bullying you into harder more intense exercise.  With me, we listen to your body and do what's best for your long-term goals.  Believe me, you will still work hard, but injury free!


-  You will use the BEST form and technique and POSTURE for each exercise that I provide for you.  You will leave the gym taller, and feeling better than when you came in.


  • With top-level certifications in the industry, as well as many years of experience building my own business, on top of countless hours obsessing and 'nerding out' over books, podcasts, online courses, and articles, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of education and information from me.



Book A free consultation with me today if you:


  • Are ready to make a big commitment to living healthier
  • Are you looking to understand your body better and how to optimize it’s movement
  • Want to the do the absolute best exercises for your body.
  • Know that there aren’t quick fixes for anything!


If you have read this far I highly recommend you read more about my services above.  You can also check out my blog unleashyouroptimalhealth@wordpress.com if you want to learn my about my training style and beliefs.




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