Who is Katherine?

Passionate about health and fitness education Katherine grew up playing a variety of sports and was successful in completing her first marathon in Hawaii at the age of 17. Since then, she has run many other races including two international races for Team Diabetes. In 2010 she joined a group called Cyclebetes and participated in a ride from Halifax to Victoria and upon arrival in Vancouver she fell in love with the mountains and never left! When she is not working she is hiking every weekend all across BC, cycling, or running the seawall, or playing volleyball on the beach. You will also find her in the weight room 3 days a week at the YWCA, feel free to say Hello! Katherine loves staying active for the emotional, physical, and physiological benefits!


Katherine has helped numerous clients achieve their fitness, health, and wellness goals including young adults, athletes, rehabilitation clients, older adults, as well as those new to fitness. She uses a functional approach that is based on building a strong flexible base in which to build strength on, this ensures injury prevention! At the beginning of your training relationship Katherine will do an in depth range of motion analysis on your body to determine the most important exercises for you to start with. Her clients appreciate her ability to create a varied personalized workout each session that works with their limitations, and always pushes them past their limits. She works with each individual client’s ability level, conditioning level, and functionality. She works hard to use her Kinesiology education 

to teach you about what’s going on with your body during the workouts. If you don’t know why you are doing an exercise, or which muscles are supposed to be working, you shouldn’t be doing it! 

Katherine creates FUN, INDIVIDUALIZED, CHALLENGING workout programs that keep you motivated and inspired to continue on your fitness. She will help you transform your relationship with activity and food to create the healthiest, fittest body for YOU! It’s time to look and feel beautiful on the inside and out! She expects the most from herself as a trainer, and strives to provide you with the right amount of coaching, motivation, form correction, and friendship! 


Katherine previously taught Physical and Health Education locally in Vancouver. She used the BC curriculum and her knowledge of sport training from UWO, and Victoira University in Australia to provide fun, engaging, and educational lesson plans for the girls! She also worked for a company as a lifestyle consultant for two years, coaching 70 clients a week to achieve a balance with nutrition and fitness. She left these positions to focus solely on her passion, helping people achieve their ideal weight, and Optimal Health! She does this through personalized sessions in the gym and an online training platform to help educate and motivate you towards a healthy balanced lifestyle.


-  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (UWO)

-  CAN FIt Pro Certified Group Fitness Instructor

-  CSEP- CPT :  Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists Certified Personal Trainer

-  FMS Level 1 and 2:  Functional Movment Screening

-  NPI:  National Posture Institute Certified Postural Specialist

-  Ultimate book nerd with 1000's of hours spent researching, reading, reviewing, and implementing!


Check out an interesting article written about my cycle across Canada in 2010:


Arriving in Victoria after 3 weeks of riding!
Rockclimbing education course in Australia
Hiking the chief- Another love of mine!

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