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Looking for my Weight Lifting Book?

I also have a weight lifting guide publish on Amazon as an EBOOK.  

My guide is intended to teach beginner’s how to use basic machines, free weight exercises, and cable machines.  I also include a ton of visuals and detailed descriptions for each exercise.

The book is 50 pages and also includes details on how to warm up, foam roll, and cool down effectively.

The guideline of the book is structured as a 6 week learn to lift weights program where I walk you through exactly what to do over 6 weeks to teach yourself the basic lifts.  It was designed as part of the Women Weight Lifting class I run at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre.  I decided to publish the book online for any of my blog readers who don’t live in Vancouver and can’t get access to the information.

I talk about breathing properly, form and technique, getting the most from your workout, and how to structure your program once you are done the 6 week learning to lift phase.

Here is the link to the book, which I am selling for $9.99.


Here are some Sneak Peak Clips from my Blog:

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780 Million people don’t have access to clean water :(
Hello! There are just 5 short days left of my fundraising campaign for Charity Water.  My ultimate goal is to raise $10 000 before August 13th this year to bring clean water to communities across the globe.  So far I have raised $3175 and 105 people are already getting clean water!!  100 % of proceeds […]
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Today I was fortunate to be able to present to my fellow trainers, fitness instructors, lifeguards, and fitness coaches at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre Vancouver on Kettlebell fundamentals.  It was a great day of learning for our annual continuing education conference. Kettlebells are a great tool to get an efficient, metabolically challenging, functional […]
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Life Is Messy: & Coping with Grief/Trauma/Loss
Life is messy. Life is hard. Over the past few months I feel like every conversation I have had has been about the messy parts of life that people are going through: Divorce, loss of relationship, heat break Loss of a dream, or a goal, or where you ‘thought you’d be in life” Illness & […]
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Upcoming Programs- Fall 2017
Don’t miss out on the great seminars and programs I will be offering this fall at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre.  Topics include:  Women’s weight training groups, small group training classes focussing on high intensity intervals for maximum calorie burn, and 3 hour seminars on back care! For any questions please contact me at […]
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A Walking Adventure on Pender Island
Walking is one of my favourite activities.  I find the repetitive motion meditative, and love blasting through podcasts, while I hike around beautiful places.  It is refreshing, rejuvenating, and I get most of my best ideas and inspiration from a good long walk. This was one of the reasons why I decided to go on […]
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Saturna Island- Biking/Camping Adventure
Saturna island is a tiny island, just 12 square miles in size, located between Vancouver and Victoria and is one of the 5 main southern gulf islands.  Although it is the closest to Vancouver it is by far the least populated with year round residents and gets the least amount of visitors, which was evident […]
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Bike, Hike, and Camp Whistler
Over the July long weekend, Kyle and I headed up to Whistler for some biking, hiking and exploring!  We were completely blown away by how extensive and beautiful Whistler was, compared to the small glimpses we had before while spending most of our time in the village.  Whistler is home to numerous lakes, full of […]
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Daily routine for “Healthy Knees”. Perfect for runners, cyclists, and hikers!
Do you love to run, cycle, or hike, but often get sore knees afterwards? Do you get pain when going up and down stairs in your knees? Is it hard for you to get up and down from the floor because you feel too stiff, or your knees are hurting? Do you find it hard […]
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