Optimal Health Coaching Corporate Lunch and Learn Programs

Companies I have provided lunch and learn programs for include:


-  YVR Airport 

-  BC Hydro (as an employee for Curtis Health in the Surges Fitness Centre).

-  The YWCA Health and Fitness Center

-  Kickstarter Conference for YWCA Fitness Professionals

-  Grant Thornton LLP

-  YWCA WorkBC Employment Services Centre (North Vancouver)

-  Binary Stream Software Inc. (Burnaby)

-  DLA Piper Canada LLP

-  BC Ready Mix Concrete Association Conference (Whistler)

-  Rhodes Wellness College (6 week program)

-  Harper Grey LLP

-  Forestry Investment Innovation 

-  Independently organized presentations at APT studio Vancouver.

-  Online webinars for the public.


Lunch and Learn Wellness Programs


Are you looking to create a harmonious, engaged, productive, healthy work environment?  Your company and employees are guaranteed to benefit from this powerful series of workshops covering topics ranging from:


-  Posture training for employees who work from a desk.

-  Core Training:  How to effectively work your 'core'.

-  Dining out 101:  How to manage dining out at restaurants on a healthy diet.

-  Hormones and Metabolism:  How to optimize them with fitness and nutrition.


Obesity, and obesity related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and strokes, are costing employers and the Canadian tax payers and drive up costs for employers as they pay more for increased absenteeism, injury, disability and health care claims.  It has been shown over and over that as employees increase the control over their health, they are happier, more productive employees, and are less expensive to the company overall in terms of health care costs.  How are lunch and learn programs so effective?

  •  Wellness related programs have been shown to provide a return of investment to the company of $1.17 to $6.04 per dollar spent on providing the program.
  • Workplace wellness programs have shown to decrease health care costs up to 55%, and reduce short-term sick leave on average 35%. 
  • Long term, employees who learn from the workshops will lose weight, become more active, become more fit will have more energy, more drive, more self confidence and have a stronger dedication to themselves and their position in your company. 
  • Healthy, active employees demonstrate improved productivity and performance, they are more engaged in their position, and are more likely to cooperate and work well as a team. 
  • These employees are less stressed overall which improves the harmony and communication in the office. 
  • Employees who exercise properly will also prevent injuries in everyday life. 

By providing these wellness programs for your employees they will as a result reap the benefits in their personal life, as a result benefiting your company.    



Each lunch and learn is 60 minutes long including a question and answer period.  On top of the one-hour long presentation employees will have access to lecture notes and pertinent handouts.


Fitness Related Presentations

  • How fitness and nutrition affect your hormones.
  • Why All Women Should Lift Weights
  • Kettle bell Training (The theory and demonstrations).
  • 5 Functional Training exercises necessary to do in the gym.
  • How to train in the gym for your sport.
  • Cardiovascular Training- how and why. 
  • Top 10 exercises you are doing wrong in the gym
  • How to do dynamic warm up and cool down to prevent injury and get more from your workout.
  • Foam Rolling:  Your body will thank you!
  • Fitness on the Fly: Strategies for Working Adults
  • How do I design a workout program?
  • Desk Fitness:  Stretch, exercise, and foam roll throughout your day to keep your body feeling better.  
  • ABS-SOLUTELY CORE:  Top 50 bodyweight exercises recommended by Katherine.  
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • ** Most popular:  Core and Posture Fit Training (3 hour specialized workshop).


Nutrition Related Presentations

  • Emotional Eating. Understanding the connection between food and mood.
  • No More Dieting. Change the way you think about food and exercise.
  • Intuitive Eating.  You don’t have to give up the foods you love to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • Top 5 Nutritional Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Dining Out 101: Making smart choices away from home
  • Grocery Shopping for Your Health
  • Raising Healthy Kids in a Fast Food World
  • Explaining Diet Programs: The pros and cons
  • Decoding Food Labels
  • The Vegetarian Way: Healthy plant-based eating
  • Nutrition 101:  Where to start with healthy eating.
  • Nutrition 102:  How to take your healthy eating to the next level.
  • Portion Control & Weight Management
  • Mastering the Slow Cooker: How to Make Easy Healthy Dinners


Healthy Lifestyle Presentations

  • Stress Management 101
  • 10 Weight Loss Myths You’ll Be Glad to Hear
  • Aging with Grace & Vitality
  • Life in the Fast Lane: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Commitment:  Why can’t I stay motivated to exercise and eat well?
  • Demystifying Weight Loss- Make it Simple and Easy.


The Introduction to Health Package

Includes your choice of ten Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $2,000 plus GST ($200 per session)


The Advanced Health Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $1500 plus GST ($250 per session)


The Lifestyle Change Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch $ Learn sessions.

Includes a 6-week group program as a follow up.  The six -week program will entail fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programming and accountability. 

Cost- $4000 plus GST


The Lunch and Learn “Taster”

Includes one session provided to your office at a reduced rate.  Cost- $150 plus GST


*  The prices do not include a lunch.  Healthy catering can be arranged if desired. 


To speak about bringing a series of these topics to your office please contact Katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com.  You can read more about her programs and services at www.optimal-health-coaching.com



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