Mobility Class in Vancouver

Mobility can be defined as the combination of flexibility of your muscles and range of motion within your joints.  Combined, when a muscle is flexible and your fascial tissues (surrounding each one of your muscles) are pliable your body moves optimally.  When a muscle is too tight, or when the fascia surrounding your muscles is not moving well your joints become restricted and you lose the ability to move your body how it's meant to move!  You are at risk for injuries, aches and pains, and limited functional capacity.  


For example.  If you allow your chest muscles to get tight over time, eventually your upper back will begin to round forward.  The upper arm muscles will also shorten, potentially limiting your ability to completely straighten your arm.  In class we would stretch


In my mobility class each week we pick a movement or muscle group and then spend the hour stretching, moving, and rolling the area to increase our range of motion and flexibility.  You are guaranteed to add to your human anatomy knowledge, and pick up some tricks to do at home to prevent future aches, pains, and injuries.  


If you are interested in joining a regular mobility class in Vancouver, please e-mail me at


In the meantime, if you are looking to get started with some well priced Yoga online check out Gaiam TV (link found below).


Watch My Yoga on Gaiam TV Today!

Yoga Tune up Balls

Are you looking to purchase one of the yoga tune up balls I recommend for myofascial release?  Follow this link to purchase the products from my website  



These tools and self massage therapy routines provide targeted deep tissue trigger point therapy for your upper back/neck, rotator cuff, lower back, hips/buttocks, and lower legs/feet.  Choose a part of your body that hurts and give yourself a deep tissue massage that will help to relieve pain, tension, and stress.


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