Women on Weights Training Programs

I provide two women's weight lifting programs at the YWCA in the spring and fall.  Please read further for a description of the Level 1 program, Level 2 program, as well as the upcoming programs and details on how to register.




"Katherine's Women on Weights is a great program.  I thought I was an experienced weight lifter but I discovered I had been doing exercises wrong for years.  I gained a great deal of strength and with proper form avoided the aches and pains I had previously suffered.  I loved it so much I started working out weekly with Katherine.  I highly recommend Women on Weights".


-  Kathy



" Katherine Taylor is an excellent and very positive trainer with a thorough knowledge of human physiology. This knowledge is very important in developing the necessary skills needed to build a strong and healthy body".




-  Barbara 


Women on Weights Level 1:

-  This program is designed for women who have very little experience with proper technique in weight training.  You could be an absolutely beginner, or a woman who hasn't used weights in a very long time, or currently lifting weights but have never had a detailed description on technique and form.

-  The exercises we learn include machine based exercises, free weight exercises, and body weight exercises.

-  The style of the class is educational and we work at a slower pace.  It is designed for you to get a good handle on how to properly do the exercises on your own time.  You will still sweat and get a good workout!


Women on Weights Level 2:

-  This program is designed for women who want to learn how to do compound lifts such as squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, chin ups and pull ups, and rowing motions.

-  These lifts are the basis to becoming your strongest, fittest, healthiest, leanest self.  

-  You should have a good basis in weight training and be comfortable with basic body weight and free weight exercises.

-  The first 15-20 minutes of the class are educational, followed by a good workout for the last 40.



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