Ergonomics Assessment

Setting up your work station is one of the most important things you can do in terms of keeping your body feeling good.  You spend the majority of your day at your desk, and therefore this position you hold your body in determines the position and shape of your body!  A poorly set up workstation may lead to neck pain, back pain, hand numbeness and tingling, and other more serious conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome.  


Each person's workstation needs to be set up to suit their size and shape, and the tasks they perform throughout the day.  On top of having a properly set up workstation it is important to main good posture while sitting or standing at the desk throughout the day.


An ergonomics assessment includes:

-  Analysis of the current work station

-  Set up of proper work station

-  Full explanation as to the importance and value of the new workstation set up.

-  Individual posture assessment

-  Detailed explanation of good posture in a seated and standing position.

-  Individual stretches and exercises given to improve posture, and maintain a healthy body in a healthy working environment.  


The fee for the analysis (approxiametly 60 minutes) is $75.  If a detailed report is required there is an additional fee of $50.  


Click HERE for a brief introduction to better workplace ergonomics.  



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