Fitness Assessments

All screens are included in your regularly priced personal training sessions, when you commit to the full package of 10 sessions.


The individual price for one assessment plus a report is $150.


Please see the personal training tab to learn more about my step by step process to creating your workout program.  It is within my descrecion (with your best interests in mind) to decide if a certain test is not necessary to pursue in your individual scenario.


General Health and Fitness Assessment

This test is the Canadian Society for Exercise Professionals Certified Peronsal Trainer assessment screening tool.

This screen includes:

-  Predicted VO2 max test (a measure of your current cardiovascular ability).

-  General flexibility screening

-  Muscular endurance testing

-  Back endurance testing

-  Vertical jump test.


*  This test is optional.  If you are look for a baseline we can start here.  If you are looking to see gradual progress and improvement over time we don't need to take an initial health assessment.  


*  This is the screen often required for entry into certain schooling and workplace programs (ex. paramedic).  


You can read more about the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Here.


Body Composition

This test includes photographs, measurements of various body segments, and the use of skin fold calipers to determine a body fat percentage score.  


*  This test is only for clients who are looking to lose weight, or build muscle and decrease fat (improve body composition).     


Goniometry (Range of Motion Assessment)

This test involves using a goniometer (measuring device) to measure your range of motion throughout the major joints of the body.


*  This test is necessary for all clients.  Without an accurate assessment of joint range of motion I can't prescribe proper exercises for your individual body.  For example if I am interested in teaching you how to deadlift, but you don't have proper hip extension range of motion, you will have an issue learning this motion! 


Posture Screen

As a Certified Posture Specialist with the National Posture Institute I will perform a static and dynamic posture screen in various positions such as sitting, standing, exercising, and performing activities of daily living.  A detailed individual report will allow me to effectively prescribe exercise and day to day recommendations for you.  Proper posture is the basis in which to build strength and fitness on.  You can read more about the National Posture Institute here.


*  This test is necessary for all clients.  Without a proper posture assessment I have no basis in which to create an individual program for your body.  Poor posture + exercise training= guaranteed injury.   


Functional Movement Screening

The Functional Movement Screen is a series of 7 movements performed by the client.  These movements are performed and ranked and classified.  Based on the total score and individual scores of how the client performs the movement I can provide corrective exericses, and further recommendations to improve the clients movement scores.  This is the start point for all my programs.  Before we get you healthy, fit and strong, we need to get you moving well!  You can read more about the FMS screens here








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