Kinesiologist & Active Rehab Services

What is a Kinesiologist?


A Kinesiologist works with you during your recovery from an accident or injury in an active rehab program. A Kinesiologist is hired by yourself, or a lawyer, to prepare your active rehabilitation program.  This is a program implemented after you have worked with a Physiotherapist for some time, and are deemed healthy enough to start a general strength training program to continue to heal your body after your injury.


A Kinesiologist works alongside your medical practitioners to provide you with the safest workout program to get you back to full function in no time!


Check out this fantastic article about how Kinesiologists serve the public:



Can a Non Injured Person work with a Kinesiologist?


 Yes.  "Kinesiologist" refers to someone who has a degree in Kinesiology and is insured by the Kinesiology governing body in their area to work with all populations of people, injured or non injured.  


A non injured person will still benefit greatly from working with a Kinesiologist certified personal trainer because of our extensive background of the human body.  Rather than studying to become a personal trainer over the span of a few weekend courses, we study in depth for our 4 year degree.  


Sometimes your extended benefits at your workplace will cover working with a Kinesiologist for a certain number of sessions.  



Kinesiology- Active Rehab Services & Fees

  • All fees do not include GST. 
  • All fees do not include any additional charges that the client must pay to enter the facility (At the YWCA this is an additional $6 charge on top of the session fee).
  • For all sessions the client pays myself or the gym directly and bills their insurance company/ICBC after the sessions are performed. 


Intake Process- $75 per session

In this 60 minute session I will observe:

  • Medical background and treatment history
  • Detailed posture analysis in 3 positions
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Physiological Testing (blood pressure and heart rate screening)
  • Muscle activation, strength, and endurance screening.

The intake process can take between 1 and 3 sessions.

At the end of the session I will make a recommendation as to how many sessions we should work together, and can send this to your lawyer or ICBC.


Active Rehab Fees

$75 per session for a 60-minute sessions. 

Active Rehab takes place at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre (585 Hornby Street).

OR (6th and Pine- in Kitsilano).

*If you are looking for Kinesiology services at another location my fee is $75 an hour for transit time. 


Report Fees

Program Report- $40- This report details all stretches, exercises, and foam rolling, among other lifestyle recommendations for you. 

Initial Assessment- $75- detailed observations including recommendations. 

Midway Report- $75- detailed observations including progress and further recommendations.

Discharge Report- $75- detailed progress and recommendations for further care. 


Additional Fees

Records File Request- Please inquire.


** Please note that ICBC may not cover the full price of the fees listed above.  Please consult with your legal representatives in advance of purchasing the services, as some of these costs may come out of pocket for the client.  

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