Do you have a hectic work schedule that doesn't allow you to meet with a trainer in the gym each week?


Do you find it challenging to balance your social life with cooking healthy foods?


Is it hard for you to make time to go to the gym and need workouts you can do from home? 


Are you tired of following diet programs and are looking for eating habits that will sustain your weight long term?


I have designed a program that you can do from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, at your own pace, on your own terms.  


I make healthy living work for YOU!


I design workouts for you in YOUR gym, or YOUR home, and you do them when You can!


I keep you accountable to a nutrition plan that works with your life.


We do online and over the phone coaching when it fits with your schedule.


I hold you accontable to making long term sustainable changes that will have you living slimmer, healthier, and happier!  I help motivated, professional women win their life long battle with weight!!

" Feel good to Look good, Look good to Feel good"

Are you a motivated woman who is looking to make changes internally to improve your external environment?  Strong, sexy fit women have more confidence in the work place, in social situations, and in relationships.  Together, using my online platform we can create your strong sexy exterior and a confident, healthy, interior.  These programs were designed so that I can help women worldwide live up to their true fitness and health potentials!  



What Can You Expect From My Services?

1.  I teach women how to create a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

2.  I empower women to eliminate poor relationships with food.

3.  I help motivated women to feel sexy, look healthy, and be as strong as steel.

4.  I help put body image issues and restrictive eating to rest.

5.  I share my health journey with my clients to empower them to better their health.


My Approach

My Programs :


1)  Are Individualized.

I use the Functional Movement Screening processes and Range of Motion testing to get a baseline of how your body works, before we start.  I also use a variety of health and fitness screens to ensure that we start your program based on your current fitness level!  


Your fitness and nutrition program will be based on your goals.  If you are looking to build strength, or endurance, or body composition, these programs all require a different fitness regiment.  Nutritional recommendations will also be made specifically for YOU (no copy and paste programs from me!).  


This is important because not every body is the same.  In order to prevent injuries you need to have a tailored program to you, and not something you have just grabbed off the internet.  For example, if you have a muscle imbalance in your glutes and continue to squat on two legs, you will continue to aggravate that imbalance.  


2)  Focus on Technique.

You will have a skype demonstration of all the exercises I will ask you to perform.  I also have video references for many exercises for you to refer back on.  I am detailed oriented and use constant coaching cues to ensure we prevent injury.  You should never be performing an exercise if you are performing it wrong.  Your exercises should never leave your body feeling injured.  Low back pain is not acceptable after a workout!  


You should know which muscles are working for each exercise.  I see many people performing exercises using the wrong technique, because they aren't aware of which muscles are actually involved in the movement.  This is critically important.  In order for muscle strength an motor patterns to carry over into every day life activities, you need to know what's working! 


3)  I will Challenge you, and you will Challenge Yourself!

I find the balance between going to your limit, without going over!  Programs that are too over the top and too restrictive aren't sustainable, and that's not my style.  This doesn't mean I won't work you hard though!  I like to give options, ask lots of questions, and have open conversations about how you are finding our sessions.  No matter what we are focussing on in our sessions I will find something that seems impossible for you, and that will be our new goal!


My Programs

All of the following programs take place on online platforms (skype, telephone, e-mail required).  For in person training please refer to the tab at the top of this page.

Program Options Mind  Body Nutrition

Premium Online Program

-  1 on 1

-  Completely individualized

-  6 month commitment

-  $4997

-  Designed for those looking for guaranteed results!


-  Initial lifestyle analysis

-  Weekly coaching on lifestyle goals (1 hour a week including nutrition).

-  Unlimited e-mail/text support in all areas.

-  Extra monthly session when desired.

-  6 month individually designed program.

-  1 monthly skype call for exercise demonstration

-  Various workout products included in price and shipped to you!

-  Specially designed youtube videos for your exercising needs.  


-  Initial dietary analysis.

-  Weekly nutrition coaching and accountability call (including mindset topics).

-  Review of weekly food diary.

-  Complete access to recipes, tools, and resources.  


Online Program

-  1 on 1

-  Completely individualized

-  6 Month Commitment


-  Initial lifestyle analysis

-  Weekly coaching on lifestyle goals

*  1 hour a week (including nutrition)

-  6 month indivdually designed program.

-  1 monthly skype call for exercise demonstration

-  Optional purcahse of workout products. 

-  Initial dietary analysis.

-  Weekly nutrition coaching and accountability call (including mindset topics).

-  Review of weekly food diary.  

Group Coaching Online Program

-  4 members

 Individualized analysis and individualized program.

-  Group coaching and accountability.

-  $2997 per person. 

-  Initial lifestyle analysis.

-  Weekly group coaching on lifestyle and nutrition.  ( 1 hour/week)

-  Group social media support.  

-  6 month individually designed program.

-  1 monthly skype call with group for exercise demonstrations.

-  Optional purchase of workout products. 

-  Initial dietary analysis.

-  Weekly group nutrition coaching and accountability call.

Fitness Only Program


-  6 month individually designed program.

-  Individual initial analysis and assesment

-  1 monthly individual skype call  for exercise demonstrations.

-  Optional purchase of workout products.



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