Detailed, Individualized Personal Training

Personal Training with me is a step by step process.  This process ensures you stay injury free, and you learn in depth about the proper aspects of fitness training.  Technique, form, and understanding movement are very important to me.  If you are looking to commit to the whole program it can range from 5-10 total personal training sessions.  


Follow along and click the links to learn more about each section:


Session # 1:  Together during our first intial conversation we decide your goals, discuss your history, injuries, and get to know each other better.  This session is complementary and it sets the tone and direction for the next sessions


Session #2- (3):  The goals  from session 1 determine which fitness assessments we do to start you off with a program.  I do fitness assessments ranging from the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to goniometery (Range of motion of your joints) to a postural screen.  Click HERE to learn more about the fitness assessments.  This usually takes 1, sometimes 2 sessions.   


Session #4:  I then teach you about dynamic warm ups, cool downs, and how to use a foam roller and myofascial ball to open up your fascia tissue.  We combine this information to also create a nice list of daily stretches for you.  This is the basis to your work out program.  You are also welcome to now join my mobility class.  Click HERE for information on that.


Session #5:  I then design an individualized workout program for you based on our screenings and assessments.  Your workout program comes in a nicely formatted version to your inbox!  It will be based on realistic goals set by us, and we detail everything you should include in your fitness and lifestyle program.  During this session I introduce you to the program, and we do one of your workouts together.


Session #6-9:  We then need a few sessions for me to take you through the various workouts I put together for you.  Once you learn all the exercises we then decide how we will keep you accountable to your program.  Most of my clients train with me in the gym (Click HERE to read more about my training locations downtown Vancouver and in Kitsilano) 2-3 days a week, regularly.  I do offer solo, partner and small group training, where the individual price will be reduced per person.  I prefer that each person goes through their own screening assessments before starting group training.  Sometimes we can meet for a few sessions and then you go off on your own until you are needing a revision or it's time to increase the intensity of your program.  We can determine this on an individual basis.


Step 5:  I encourage all my clients to stay in touch via e-mail and social media.  Having a workout program isn't a be all end all to staying fit and healthy.  There will be 100 new things you learn about your body for every 1 thing you think you have mastered (believe me, I've been studying it for 10 years).  Fitness and health is a continual journey!.    


Solo Personal Training

The classic training program. I can be your drill sergeant or your motivational partner who supports you in your goals.  My clients know that I am a great educator. I use functional movements that will help build you a strong, flexible, mobile body.  Then we build strength and endurance so you can feel great, look great, and have an amazing metabolism!  


$ 65 per hour.

2 on 1

You don’t do anything without your best girlfriend? No problem. I can train and motivate both of you together. My experience has shown that having a friend alongside motivates some clients to top performances that otherwise would never have been possible.  I also love training families together!  A family that trains together, stay's together!! 


2 people, 1 session= 48.75  per person.  

3 people, 1 session= 47.9 per person

4 people, 1 session = 32.5 per person


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