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What is Posture

Try this exercise to see your current posture:


To see how you stand currently, try this activity: Jump around (in bare feet), up in the air a few times and shake out your arms and legs.  Stop jumping and land however it feels natural.  Have a friend take a photo from the front and side positions.  Look at your toes and thumbs, and head position.  Most likely your toes will be pointed out to the side, your head will be not stacked over your hips, and your thumbs may even be rotated to the back of the room because your shoulders have become rounded and tight.  These are just some of the compensations we develop over time that lead to poor posture.  You require the body awareness of how to stand and sit with better posture, but most likely require exercises, stretches, and foam rolling to improve your posture as well. 


Why is it Important

Posture is extremely important for all aspects related to health and fitness.  Some examples of how posture affects our anatomy and physiology includes:

  • Stretched ligaments (leading to neck and back problems)
  • Headaches & TMJ
  • Compressed nerve and blood flow (numbing, pain, tingling)
  • Inability to lift objects properly
  • Arthritis
  • Poor muscle function and tone
  • Neck pain
  • Hand pain, numbness and tingling
  • Poor speed, strength and power development
  • Inability to do job (typing, cashier)
  • Mood, energy
  •  You can read an in depth description about how posture affects all of these aspects here:  https://unleashyouroptimalhealth.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/why-do-you-need-good-posture-its-more-than-just-standing-taller/


What is a Posture Screening assessment and how can it support your fitness and health goals.

A posture assessment uses measurements and specific photographs and analysis to get a snapshot of your current posture.   With any type of correction you are trying to make for better health and fitness, it is good to have a bench marker, something to ensure you are seeing results from.  A posture screen takes about 20 minutes and provides you with valuable feedback as to the major and minor issues you are experiencing with your posture.  We look at, and correct your posture in a standing, seated, and position similar to how you perform activities of daily life. 

The posture screen is part of a one hour functional body assessment that I perform on all of my new clients. 


What can I take away from my posture assessment?

After the posture assessment is complete you immediately learn how to correct your posture in a standing, and seated position.  I provide you with a framework for how to begin to focus attention on your posture in a controlled manner that won’t aggravate your body or cause injury and pain. 

After the assessment I also design a full workout program for your body, and your posture.  It includes stretches and strengthening that you can do from home, or at a gym, to see results in your posture in a short period of time. 


What is a certified posture specialist. 

A certified posture specialist is a health professional that has completed the online program with the National Posture Insitute.  The program is intensive and provides any health professional the tools and knowledge to assess and correct posture. 


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