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Brenda has come a long way in her journey to Optimal Health.  By sharing her journey to better fitness she has turned herself around, and is fitter and healthier than ever.  Let her tell you her story :)

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" You are the first person to actually get my butt in gear!  (Literally got my glute musles finally firing strong!)".


"  I am finally happy with my arms!".


"  I have recommended you to all my friends"


"  I appreciate your help with classes and training so much"



Another client testimonial:


As I approached 40, I found it more and more difficult to loose weight.  My weight had gone up about 5 pounds a year for several years.  At my highest, I weighed 186 pounds and felt terrible about myself.  I joined a gym, and committed myself to going 5 days per week.  I would be at the gym every morning by 6:45. I rarely missed a day.   After 5 years of going to the gym, I was proud of my accomplishment of going regularly but disappointed with my results.  After 5 years my weight remained the same.  


I talked to Katherine about why my weight hadn't gone down.  She asked me to explain my workout to her, and offered to join me at the gym. We went to the gym together and as I was working out, I was explaining to Katherine why I walked on the treadmill and didn't run or jog.  Why I didn't do weights.  Why I didn't use certain machines.  Essentially for approximately 20 years I have suffered from intense back pain.  I had been on various pain medications, tried physiotherapy, massage therapy, saw chiropractors, etc. but still had daily pain.  Katherine explained my workout wasn't really effective for many reasons:  I really wasn't doing enough cardio to burn sufficient calories to loose weight, and wasn't doing enough work with weights to build better muscle tone.  She showed me  how to adjust my exercise routine so I was getting a better workout, and not incurring additional back pain.  She had me increase my time and incline on the treadmill, use weights, and other machines to build up my core muscles and overall body strength.  It took about 6 months of this increased intensity, and eating better, but I lost 33 pounds and felt mentally a lot better about myself!  


Thank you Katherine!!!


- Lisa 


Lisa- Before
Lisa After

Testimonial from Jenna Rubino:


I trained with Kat for one month, long distance. In that month I permanently changed my eating habits and realized my good intentioned eating beforehand was really no good at all. Kat helped me realize a more balanced diet was needed and she helped me achieve this by recommending foods similar to those I was already eating. I eliminated dairy and grains from my diet with her help and this has been a lasting change. I feel more in control of my diet and I feel like I’ve finally said goodbye to yo-yo dieting – I have made a permanent lifestyle change.

During the month Kat provided me with exercises that challenged me and suited my shift work schedule. These workouts were also made to be done at home with the resources I already had which I really appreciated. I ended up working harder than I ever have at the gym! Kat kept me accountable for the month by checking in weekly and providing tips and education on nutrition and fitness. Nothing felt forced and she was very supportive and in tune to my needs.

Thanks to Kat, I have made some permanent lifestyle changes in just one month. I am eager to see/feel the long term benefits of this new lifestyle, say in a year from now. In the short term, I feel much happier about myself and more in control.

Thanks Kat!

Name: Jenna Rubino

Location: St. Thomas, ON


Question and Answer with Jenna:


How you were doing/feeling before (describe your lifestyle): I hadn’t worked out in over 2 months and wasn’t eating very healthy. I hadn’t gained any weight in that time, but I was feeling blah. I was tired of going on kicks of healthy eating and working out and then completely falling off the wagon so I decided to give Kat a try.


How you feel now after training: I feel more in control of my habits. When I workout 4 times a week and eat well I feel great! I feel like I’ve made the lifestyle transition to clean eating.

What were your biggest changes? My biggest changes food wise were eliminating grains and dairy – I ate yogurt almost everyday! In regards to exercise – my workouts were mostly cardio based so the types of exercises Kat gave me were an adjustment.


What worked best for you with the coaching/training: The weekly phone chats really kept me accountable and forced me to make changes.


What is the biggest thing you learned through training. I realized I wasn’t working myself hard enough in the workouts I did prior to Kat’s training. I learned to really push my body and not focus my “workouts” solely on cardio. I will never go back to 45 min - 1 hour on the elliptical.

How is your life different now: I am more conscious about the types of food I put into my body. I no longer have cravings. I do occasionally have dairy or grains for example, when I’m eating dinner at a relative’s, but my everyday lifestyle has remained dairy and grain- free. I also will not waste my time doing 45 minutes of easy cardio.


What did you enjoy most about me as a coach? I liked that you made suggestions that fit my lifestyle. For example, suggesting foods that were similar to those I already consumed on a daily basis and suggesting interval based workouts when I was pressed for time. I also enjoyed the research you provided when you made diet suggestions.


Jill Prescott


How you were doing/feeling before (describe your lifestyle): I was walking once a day, eating fairly healthy and feeling like I wanted to increase muscle tone and body shape.


How you feel now after training: I feel like my muscles have done a huge sigh of relief! Like, finally we’re getting attention!


What were your biggest changes? So far, I feel stronger. I have less body pain and stiffness and my posture has improved.


What worked best for you with the coaching/training: The fact that Katherine is very knowledgeable and could adjust the workout to suit my style. I prefer not to be in a gym!


What is the biggest thing you learned through training.  That it can be as simple as working with a ball and a rubber band.


How is your life different now: I have more energy and I actually look forward to our workouts.


What did you like most about me as a coach? You’re easy to work with. I never felt any judgment, only encouragement. And you obviously know what you’re doing.

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